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Pro-Stat 101 Liquid Protein Home Page
Pro-Stat 101 Liquid Protein Home Page
Pro-Stat 101 Liquid Protein Home Page

Pro-Stat 101 Liquid Protein Home Page

Notice: This item has been discontinued. Please refer to the Pro-Stat Sugar Free. *Ask your doctor before changing to a different nutrition drink.

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Pro-Stat 101 Liquid Protein (30oz. Bottle) (by the Each)
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Pro-Stat 101 Liquid Protein ((30oz. Bottle) (Case of 6)
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Pro-Stat 101 Liquid Protein (12 Single Dose Packs (1 oz.)
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Pro-Stat 101 Liquid Protein (Case of 48 Single Dose Packs (1 oz.)
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  • Manufacturer: Medical Nutrition USA, Inc.
  • Product Name: Pro-Stat 101 Complete Protein Supplement
  • Available Flavors: Butter Pecan, Natural, Grape and Wild Cherry
  • Packaging: Available in 30 oz plastic bottle or 1 oz pouch, individually or by the case (not all flavors are available in 1 oz pouch)

Made in America MMO Bestseller Good Value

Pro-Stat 101 is a high nitrogen, hydrolyzed, typtophan-fortified, collagen protein supplement providing all Essential, Conditionally Essential and Non-Essential Amino Acids.

  • Concentrated Liquid Protein
  • Provides all Essential and Non-Essential Amino Acids
  • For Patients with Increased Protein Needs
  • 15 g of Hydrolyzed Protein and 101 Calories per 30 mL Serving
  • NOT SUGAR FREE (10.2g Fructose)
  • Carbohydrate Source: Fructose-Low Glycemic Index
  • Shelf Stable, no refrigeration necessary.
Pro-StatŪ is pure liquid protein that is predigested by papain, a fruit enzyme, creating a hydrolysate. The hydrolyzed Pro-StatŪ protein increases absorption and assimilation because the large protein molecules are broken down into free amino acids and polypeptides. Pro-Stat is rich in Arginine, Glycine, Proline and Hydroxyproline, with high nitrogen donor capability to accelerate tissue healing, a critical factor in replenishing depleted protein stores in patients with pressure ulcers, malnutrition, and low albumin levels. Pro-StatŪ is clinically proven to aid in improving ulcer healing.

Summary of Features and Benefits:

  • Clinically proven to have a 96% greater healing rate for pressure ulcers.
  • Highest amount of protein and calories in the smallest serving size - 15g protein per30mL (1 fl oz).
  • Ready-to-use liquid, no mixing required.
  • Ideal for administration via gastric and naso-gastric feeding tubes. Minimizes tube clogging.
  • Can be taken as needed or distributed to patients at medication pass, thereby ensuring full consumption. Eliminates costly waste of unconsumed supplements.
  • Can also be used as a food fortifier.
  • A major factor in promoting positive nitrogen balance and increasing NPU (Net Protein Utilization).
  • Hydrolyzed by fruit enzymes, providing rapid absorption.
  • Contains high nitrogen amino acids - Arginine, Glycine, Proline and Hydroxyproline that support rapid new protein growth, tissue healing, and protect lean body mass.

Pro-StatŪ Indications for Use:

Pro-StatŪ has been shown to be effective in the treatment of low albumin levels in malnourished patients.
It is estimated that between 35% and 85% of nursing home residents are at risk of malnutrition and dehydration.

Dialysis and Fluid Restricted :
Many dialysis and Fluid Restricted patients do not consume adequate protein (and/or calories) to meet the demands of their bodies.
Many patients do not ingest enough overall calories, causing the body to utilize dietary protein for energy. Renal patients experience nitrogen build-up, which can become toxic. Dialysis removes the toxic nitrogen but also strips the body of the protein it needs. Pressure ulcers require extra protein for healing, which can divert protein the body needs for other purposes.

Solving these dilemmas often requires protein supplementation.
Typical protein supplements, reconstituted powders or 8oz beverages, create volume and dietary complications in fluid restricted patients. Fluid restricted patients include those on dialysis or those with congestive heart failure, pulmonary edema, hydrocephalus, compartment syndrome, etc. For these patients, excessive amounts of fluid intake cause serious conditions such as breathing difficulties, swelling, increased blood pressure and cardiac problems. Additionally, these fluid-restricted patients frequently have to substitute desirable foods such as coffee, milk, juice, soup, ice cream, or even water with medications, in order to accommodate the protein supplement. Dialysis patients, who are already restricted from so many foods they like to eat, find fitting these protein supplements into their diets particularly difficult and frustrating. And, for tube feeding patients, even concentrated tube feeding formulas cannot always provide the amount of protein needed within the patient's fluid restriction.

Pro-StatŪ liquid solves fluid restriction issues by providing 15g of protein in just 1 oz.
1 oz. of Pro-StatŪ liquid delivers as much protein as three, 8oz powder protein supplement servings - 300% of the protein in just 4% of the fluid. Pro-StatŪ is indicated for dialysis patients because it is low in sodium, potassium and phosphorous. For patients needing extra calories as well as protein, Pro-StatŪ 101 delivers 101 calories in each 1oz. serving. The extra calories come from fructose, a nutritive sweetener with a low glycemic index, making Pro-StatŪ101 accceptable for diabetics.

For patients needing extra protein without the extra calories, Pro-StatŪ 64 liquid provides 64 calories-only four calories beyond the 60 calories provided by the protein.

Pressure Ulcers and Wound Healing:
Pro-StatŪ in the treatment of pressure ulcers
Chronic ulceration of the skin remains a significant health problem especially in the aging population. At least 10% of patients in long-term health care facilities develop pressure ulcers, or bed sores. Many of these pressure ulcers present a challenge to the multi-disciplinary team because of their reported relationship to nutritional status. The Agency for Health Care Policy and Research's (AHCPR) guideline Treatment of Pressure Ulcers notes that studies have linked pressure ulcers and bed sores to malnutrition. Patients need adequate levels of protein, vitamins, and minerals to support wound healing. Inadequate caloric intake can lead to weight loss and use of protein stores for energy instead of healing. According to the AHCPR guideline, patients with pressure ulcers need 30 to 35 kilocalorie and 1.25 to 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight daily.

Ideally, adequate protein and calories intake may be found through oral intake of food and liquids. For many elderly persons in long-term care the amount of food needed to be consumed for a positive nitrogen balance may be overwhelming. Therefore, supplementation is recommended. Supplementation of products that are high in kilocalories and volume may not be able to be tolerated by the aged. Many have decreased appetites and smaller volumes of food must be consumed throughout the day rather than large volumes at one time.

Pro-StatŪ provides the highest amount of protein in the smallest serving size (15g/30mL) making it easily tolerated by patients with limited appetites. Pro-StatŪ hydrolyzed protein is available as free amino acids, polypeptide chains that are easily assimilated and immediately available to the body. Pro-StatŪ is rich in the high nitrogen donor amino acids that support rapid new protein growth, tissue healing and protection of lean body mass (arginine, glycine, proline and hydorxyproline).

Bariatric Surgery:
Bariatric surgery for the morbidly obese is a life-saving and life-changing procedure.
It is estimated that over 150,000 surgeries will be performed in the US in 2004, a number that is expected to grow.

This widely accepted surgical procedure is becoming the most effective treatment for many of those who have waged a life-long struggle, without success, to control their weight. Gastric bypass surgery is also recognized as an effective method of reducing the common co-morbidities of obesity - heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes. The most common surgical procedures include, among other things, reducing the size of the stomach to a fraction of its normal size.

Most surgeons recommend that bariatric (gastric bypass) patients remain on a clear liquid diet for the first few weeks after surgery. Full liquids can generally be introduced after 4-6 weeks of recovery. After surgery, patients are typically volume-sensitive, able to ingest only small amounts at each feeding before becoming sated.

Nutritionally at Risk:
One of the primary nutritional issues that results is ensuring adequate intake of protein, which is notably lacking in most clear liquid diets and is required by the body for post-surgical wound healing.

Protein is essential for wound healing, preservation of lean body mass, energy and weight loss. Protein is needed to help the body recover from the trauma of surgery and return the patient to robust good health. Protein is also necessary for metabolism, an essential part of weight loss, and without which bariatric patients can experience a plateau effect, during which weight loss ceases, even with controlled consumption.

An important consideration for bariatric surgery patients is the type of protein ingested. The body assimilates protein only in its elemental form - amino acid/peptides. Breaking down the large protein molecule into amino acid/peptides is normally accomplished by acid hydrolysis in the stomach. Bariatric surgery patients have reduced capacity for this hydrolysis because of their smaller stomachs. Pre-digested protein is more easily assimilated by those with impaired gastric processes. By ingesting protein that is already hydrolyzed (pre-digested), gastric bypass patients are providing this essential nutrient in the elemental form in which it can be rapidly assimilated by the body without reliance upon further hydrolysis.

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