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Woun'Dres Collagen Hydrogel (3 oz. tube)
Woun'Dres Collagen Hydrogel (3 oz. tube)
Woun'Dres Collagen Hydrogel (3 oz. tube)
Woun'Dres Collagen Hydrogel (3 oz. tube)

Woun'Dres Collagen Hydrogel (3 oz. tube)

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Woun'Dres® Collagen Hydrogel Maintains a moist wound and gently absorbs exudate. Coloplast Woun'Dres assists in debridement, protects granulating tissue. It is a clear amorphous gel which allows easy wound visualization. Woun'Dres Hydrogel is used to manage pressure ulcers (stages 2, 3, and 4), venous stasis ulcers, superficial wounds, scrapes, first- and second-degree burns, and partial- and full-thickness wounds. May also be used on tunneling wounds, infected and noninfected wounds, wounds with minimal or moderate drainage, wounds with serosanguineous drainage, and red, yellow, or black wounds. pH-balanced in the wound bed and latex free. 3 oz. tube.

  • Manufacturer: Coloplast
  • Product Name: Woun'Dres Collagen Hydrogel
  • Product Numbers: 7690
  • Size: 3 ounce (84gm)
  • Packaging: Plastic twist top tube

Note From MetroMedicalOnline's Customer Service Department:

It is important to always contact your physician and or wound specialist before starting any wound care therapy.

Additional Product Features from the Manufacturer:

Coloplast Woun'Dres Collagen Hydrogel is a wound filler that maintains a moist healing environment in the wound cavity, while protecting new growing tissue. If wounds dryout, this could show the healing process. Woun'Dres works best in open pressure ulcers from stages 2,3, and 4. Woun'Dres is used by healthcare professionals to manage, venous stasis ulcers, superficial wounds, scapes, first-and second-degree burns, and partial-and full-thickness wounds. Woun'dres may also be used on tunneling wounds, infected and non-infected wounds, wounds with minimal or moderate drainage, wounds with serosanguineous drainage, and yellow, or black wounds. Woun'Dres Hydrogel is a clear gel that protects granulating tissue.

Woun’Dres® Collagen Hydrogel Features:

  • Contains ingredients beneficial to the skin and the wound healing process:
    • Collagen is the main component of skin and connective tissue and is known to play an important role in all phases of wound healing
    • Allantoin is a skin protectant that stimulates tissue growth
    • Panthenol maintains an optimal moisture balance
  • pH-balanced to the wound bed
  • Unlike many other hydrogels, contains no propylene glycol, a preservative that has been shown to inhibit skin cell growth and damage cell membranes
  • Mild preservative provides a two year shelf life

Indicated for:

  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Lower extremity ulcers including venous, arterial, and mixed etiology
  • Partial and full thickness wounds
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Venous stasis ulcers
  • Surgical wounds
  • First and second-degree

Clean the wound thoroughly with wound cleanser or normal saline solution. Apply Woun'Dres Collagen Hydrogel directly into the wound. Cover with secondary dressing.

Remove the secondary dressing. Flush the wound with a wound cleanser or normal saline solution

Woun'Dres® Collagen Hydrogel promotes autolytic debridement by rehydrating and softening dry wounds and necrotic tissue. Hydrogels provide a moist environment facilitating optimal wound healing.

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Woun'Dres Collagen Hydrogel 3 oz. tube
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